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Muco Industrie BV is the continuation of the resin based structural repair activities of the former Adhesive Engineering Co., originators of the SCB Injection system and the Concresive-resins.

Muco Industrie BV serves the market with structural repair techniques for the construction industry with special equipment, state-of-the-art epoxy- and polyurea resins, an experience of over 25 years and a vast know-how of this speciality market section.

Muco Industrie BV combines: Product Industries as developed by ChemCo Systems Inc., Redwood City (Cal.), USA.
Our product line consist of the following CHEMCO products: Injection resins, Injection Seals and Grouts, Bonding agents, Coatings, Mortars and Binders.

Equipment and Hardware support as developed by MUCO Industrie BV.
The latest in two-component dispensing- and mixing equipment line are: The MODEL 115, 215, 315 and 415.

Applicator Support and special underwater repair assistance by DUC Diving, Urk, The Netherlands. Also selling point for Chemco Systems Inc. injection resins and other chemical products.

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