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Certification as per ZTV-ING completed !

Our injection process CHIP (ChemCo Injection Process) has successfully passed the ZTV-ING Procedure, which is essential in the European and German market.

The actual ZTV-ING testing procedure and conditions are adapted to suit the future European standard EN 1504, which is expected to be introduced in 2008. Therefore, even at this moment the ZTV-ING Certificate is accepted in all EU-Member states, even though a formal Acceptance-procedure in each state may be asked for.

The complete documentation of this ZTV-ING Certification, as performed by the Technical University of Aachen (IBAC-Department) respectively the Technical University of Essen, consist of the following papers, which can be viewed or downloaded as PDF-Files from this website. (All documents are in German, but the technical details as presented will nevertheless be clear.)

  certification Chemco 038 IBAC Certification CHIP System TU-Essen Certification ApB-P58 IBAC Certification IBAC  
pdf iconChemco 038 IBAC
Institute für Bauforschung Aachen, test report M-619
pdf iconCHIP System TU-Essen University of Duisburg-Essen, report Nr. G - 010502
pdf icon ApB-P58 IBAC
Bauaufsichtlichen Prufzeugnis,
Nr.P-58-IBAC 07-04-2005
pdf icon Certificate IBAC
Übereinstimmungszertifikat, Ü-379
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